Times When You Should Avoid Playing Poker

One shouldn’t play just for the sake of playing the game. Even if you’re a pro player, you should avoid playing your game when you are in no mood to play. If you play being in your bad state there are high chances that you might lose your game. So, there is no point of playing the game in such a state.

Below are some guidelines when a player should avoid playing the game.

When You’re Too Tired


There are many players who even play the game when they are too tired. I have seen many players who feel exhausted and zoned out on the table, but they still try to be in the game.
If you find yourself in this state simply get up from your place and walk away from the poker table. Playing in a tired state will only make you lose your money.

Stop When You Start Losing

You should play being in your limits. If you find yourself in such a situation where you’re losing your game, don’t try to win back your lost money. It may end you up in a bankrupt situation.
Whenever you’re under such kind of situation, try to walk away from your game.

When You Feel Eggy


Don’t play your game when you feel irritated or when you’re angry. Anger and irritation both can act as a fuel in your game as destruction.

It’s better to solve your trouble before you start playing your game, else it can affect your game and you may lose against your opponent.

Don’t Play When You’re Sick


I have seen players who play their game, even when they are sick and not in a mood to play the game. This way players affect their health and at the same time take risk in their game. You will end up only losing the game, and your ill health can act as an advantage for your opponents. So, try not to play when you’re sick.

Listen To Your Inner Instinct

You should avoid playing your game when you’re in no mood to play. Follow your inner instinct and avoid playing the game. Consider it as a message from your inner soul and try not to play, playing just for sake can ruin your game.

Mentioned above were some situations where you as a player should avoid playing the game. If you think that I have missed some of them. Drop it in the comment section and help others to know.

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