Poker Rake: All You Need to Know!

Poker rake is a small amount of money charged by casinos and poker rooms from their players in exchange for providing their services to them. 

Often you must have pondered why a Rs. 1000 poker tournament with 100 entries sums up to only Rs. 85000. Well, that is because the remaining part is what players paid as a poker rake to the casino. 

Today, we’re going to discuss poker rake in-depth. So, if you are unaware of it, let’s take a closer look at the concept. 

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How do poker rooms charge rake? 

All poker rooms and casinos charge poker rake from their customers. However, the manner or the way of charging the rake might differ. Different casinos have their own means of charging poker rake. 

It is crucial for a poker player to understand these methods in order to adjust their game according to the rake. So, let us take a look at how casinos take poker rake from their players- 

Tournament Fees 

All players participating in a poker tournament are accustomed to paying a tournament fee. Casinos charge a fee i.e. a small percentage of the buy-in of the event. This fee is poker rake in the case of tournaments. 

The amount of the fee depends on the casinos. It can be as low or high as per the requirement of the poker rooms. However, usually in tournaments, a player is charged an amount of 10%-20% of their buy-in as poker rake. 

Now, let us get clear on the concept by taking a look at an example. 

Suppose you wish to play a tournament Rs. 1000, which means the buy-in is Rs. 1000. The casino charges 20% for the rake. Now, you are required to pay Rs. 1200 (Rs.1000 + Rs. 200). Please note that for a larger amount of buy-in, like, Rs. 10,000, the percentage of rake is often less. 

Pot Rake 

Pot rake is the medium of charging rake in cash games. 

In this method, the casinos charge the rake on the pot i.e. after the hand is over and the table has a winner, before passing the pot to the winner, an amount is deducted from the pot. This amount is what casinos charge as poker rake. It usually ranges from 5%-10% of the pot size. 

Most platforms have rake caps which is the maximum amount of money that can be taken from the pot. For example, the pot is Rs, 2,00,000, it would be unjust on the part of the player if the casino charges Rs. 20,000 as poker rake. Hence, usually, poker rooms have rake caps. 

However, it is not the case for all the casinos. Some rooms do not function on the rake cap basis i.e. they do not have any rake caps. Playing in such rooms is not recommended as it is going to a highly expensive game if you win. 

Timely Collection

Another mode of charging rake from players is the timely collection. In this method, the poker room charges a fixed amount of money from all its players at regular intervals of time during a match. The intervals are usually after every 30 minutes or 60 minutes.  

All players are required to pay the same amount of money as fixed by the casino. Hence, it is seen as a just way to charge rake by professionals.  

Fixed Rake 

Fixed rate method of charging rake allows casinos to charge a fixed fee from all the players. This is frequently used in the case of higher stake games. Charging 10% of the huge pot will eventually be a huge amount and as in the case of the Pot Rake method, it is unjust for the players. Hence, a fixed amount of rake is charged with no consideration to the pot size. 

Dead Drop 

Dead drop is one of the rarest methods of charging poker rake. It is seldom used in live games. 

In this method, the poker rooms or casinos charge a fixed amount of money from the player playing on the button position before playing a hand. It is similar to the Timely Collection method of collecting poker rake but is not used very frequently. 

How Does Rakeback Help You Save Your profits? 

Now that you’re aware of rake and how they are charged, you must be thinking it is a bit unfair to play well and not receive the whole pot or giving an extra sum as a rake. 

Well, it might be unfair from the perspective of a player but if we see it from the side of the casinos, it is not clearly unjust. And, this is when rakeback helps. Helping to create an equilibrium and helping you get the most out of your profits.  

What is rakeback? 

meme for poker rakeback

Rakeback is a way in which a player can get back his/her amount of rake previously paid to the casino. Different poker rooms follow different rakeback methods to pay their customers. While some rooms offer it in the form of cash others might prefer giving it through tournament tickets. 

Some of the famous methods of how rakeback are given to the customers are – 

  1. Tournament Tickets 
  2. Straight up cash
  3. Exchangeable points for tickets and bonuses 

Rakeback explained with an example 

Now, we are going to see how rakeback functions with the help of an example. 

Let us suppose your casino charged you a rake of Rs. 100. You had a rake back deal of Rs. 45. In this case, it means that now your casino will pay you Rs. 45 back for the rake back. Now, as mentioned above this amount can be paid back in the form of straight-up cash, tournament tickets, or exchangeable points. 

One of the profitable ways of making a rake back deal is through straight-up cash. The reason being, that the player gets the amount back in the pure form of cash from the room. Other modes of rake back seem a bit lengthy to most players. In the case of tournament tickets or exchangeable tickets, you do not get anything instantly. 

This is the reason why many professional players always have straight-up cash as their priority for rakeback. 

Rakeback is the way most successful poker players deal with poker rake. And, so can you. 

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