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Having a poker face is not less than a blessing for any poker player. Basically, poker face means having a blank expression or indicating no sign of emotion through the face. Your ability to change facial expression according to the demand of the game can turn you into a better player. Not only face, as a player, you should also know to control your body language in front of your opponent. 

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Below are some facial expressions that will help you to catch your opponents more appropriately. 

These signs can indicate that your opponent is having a bad hand:-


*A fake smile– This is the most common thing which you can observe on the table. There are many players who keep a fake smile on their face when they are left with bad hands. 


*Biting Lips– This isn’t so common, not every player loves to bit their lips unnecessarily. This indicates that a player is nervous about the game and about his/her hand positions.

*Change in speech– If you find a sudden change in the language of the player like he/she has started stammering while talking, sounding unnatural or broken, then it means there is something fishy and you need to keep a sharp eye on them. 

*Blinking Frequently– A player does so when he/she is confused about the hand and scared to face the upcoming rounds of the game.

*Nail biting– Ah! this is the most common trait of a nervous person. Not only in poker, but this sign is also common among normal people who don’t play poker. They also bite their nails when they are nervous.

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These signs can indicate that your opponent is having a strong hand:-


*Acting weak and making noise– When a player has a strong hand, it becomes difficult for them to hide their excitement. So, to hide this expression they start making noise and show that they are having weak hands.

*They don’t blink– When a player doesn’t blink and concentrate fully on their game, it means that they are having strong hands and they are preparing to take the game to a higher level.

*Lack of patience– It’s difficult for a player to keep patience when they have strong hands. So, this is the place where they give a clear hint of strong hands by acting impatient on the table. They start behaving in a different way and eagerly wait for their turn to come and this can help you to read them.

*Wanting to bet– This is again a clear sign, when a player wants to bet, it means that he/she must be having a strong hand because nobody likes to bet with bad hands.

Knowing how to read a poker face is important, but to have one is more important than reading it. Try to maintain an emotionless face whenever you’re playing. If you’re able to maintain a poker face, then your opponent will not be able to read your strong or weak hand. 

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A good poker face can help you to outsmart your opponents. If you know more ways to read a poker face, then mention them in the comment section below.

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