How to Play Poker – Basics a New Player Needs to Know

Being a new poker player can be hard if you do not have the necessary poker knowledge. You might misunderstand poker strategies that your opponents are using or you may not understand the poker language. A number of problems might occur if you do not possess adequate poker knowledge.How To Play Poker Game- Big Stack Poker University

To help you get away from the beginners’ troubles of playing poker, here are some poker basics that any new poker player must know for a better start at the game. Without any further ado, let us take a look at them –

The poker game begins with every player having the same number of poker chips. The dealer button decides the starting bet of the game. After the player sitting next to the dealer button deposits a small blind, the next player has to deposit a bigger blind doubling the amount of the blind.

After that, each player sitting at the poker table is dealt with two cards facing down. These cards are known as Hole Cards. No player can show his/her hole card until it is final showdown. Once, the cards are dealt, players start playing the game. Following are the actions that a player can take while playing the game –

    • Call – to contribute to the game with the same amount of bet, a player can make a call
    • Raise – to increase the amount of the bet, one can continue the game by raising
    • Fold – when a player feels, he/she has a poor set of cards and wants no more to contribute to the round, he/she can fold the cards
    • All in – a player can put all the chips in the pot
    • Check – a player can continue without contributing any chips through check.

Once the cards are dealt, betting is the next thing that begins. There are four different betting rounds in the game of poker. These are preflop, flop, turn and river. During the game, 5 community cards are shown 3 at the flop, 1 at the turn and 1 at the river. The players can make bets in a clockwise direction by calling or raising the bets.


A hand is formed at the game using both community cards and hole cards or only community cards. A player, who has the best hand, wins the pot and takes home the amount of money present in the pot.

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