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Fishes are the players who do not have adequate knowledge to play poker. Fishes are generally newbies, who have just started playing poker and are unknown with the rules and regulations of the game.

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It’s quite frustrating when a player starts losing against fish. While playing a player has to be careful with the fishes’, because it’s hard to make them fold. Below are some pointers for you to beat the fishes’ coming in between your game.


Identify the fishes

Before you start playing your game, it’s very important that you identify the fishes. Generally, players make a misconception that if the game is tough, then chances for fishes to be there is almost negligible.
Fishes are everywhere, so before starting to play try to identify the fishes, and look have they played with you before or not.

Categorize the fishes

Try to categorize the fishes. Not all fishes are similar, some are aggressive and some are passive. It’s very important to know that with what kind of fish are you playing. Some fishes feel conscious about their playing style and they fold their card easily.
And some always try to bluff their opponents without any reason, they think doing so will make them win. Once you are clear about their moves and know what kind of fish they are, try to use appropriate strategy for them.


Focus more on the fish player

Once, you are able to catch who is fish, try to make him/her your target. Your first priority should be to defeat the fish player. By this way, you can easily win your game and make money. Play more pots with the fish, rather than playing with any other player. In this way, you can make a good amount.

Don’t try to copy cat the fish

There are many players who start to play almost as many hands as fishes do. Don’t become a fish in your own game. This is the place where players face the problem and start losing their game.
Things that you should focus more on
*Keep a sharp eye on the hands of the fishes.
*Look how many times they have folded.
*Watch out how many hands they’ve folded and play accordingly. If they have folded a couple of them, then it is clear, they are turning weak and you can consider it as an opportunity.

These were some tricks by which you can beat the fishes. If you know more add them up in the comment section.

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