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Sudhanshu Sharma

Student since Feb ‘20

“Enrolling in Big Stack has helped me in excelling in my skills and making big bucks.”

Milind Dixit

Student since Mar ‘20

“By enrolling in this course, my confidence level has increased.”

Sagar Jain

Student since Feb ‘20

“Their approach to learning is very different and practical”

What will you learn?

Hand Reading Skills
Learn effective techniques of reading
your opponents
Winning bluffing strategies
Master your bluffing strategies by learning from the professionals
Killing Betting Techniques
Wager your winning bets by learning advanced betting techniques
Ace the skill of dealing with variance in poker, learn with case studies & examples
Mental Game
Learn how to be calm and keep your mental game intact in toughest of the tough poker situations
Effective bankroll management
Learn how to effectively manage your bets
What will you get?
Take a course that can take you places

From betting techniques to bankroll management, learn everything about Texas Hold’em Poker and Pot Limit Ohama with our extensive course. Challenge yourself with interactive quizzes after every chapter and every level.

Hand Range Charts

Wish to establish good and consistent ranges for your preflop play? We have exclusive hand range charts designed especially for you! Get special access to more than 250 preflop charts to crack the toughest online cash games, live cash games, tournaments and more.

Coach’s Hand Review

Catch a stormy hand review session in action, with our poker master -Prabhat Mukherjea. Watch him share review of his expert hand history and learn to cut out the waste and work on the most important leaks in your game.

Cashback Rewards

Hefty cashbacks make the game even more exciting! Compete in quizzes, win up to Rs.15,000 cash and use the same for Buy In on various Poker platforms. Get gains and make money like never before!

Ask the Pros (Q&A Sessions)

Clear doubts, get ahead in the game and start making money! Attend the regular webinar sessions and have the Poker Mater solve your queries himself!

Tournament Ticket worth ₹20,000

Clear doubts, get ahead in the game and start making money! Attend the regular webinar sessions and have the Poker Mater solve your queries himself!

Meet India’s most successful poker coaches
Abhishek Goindi
Abhishek Goindi

Winner of First Indian Poker Player of the year, 2011

  • Rs. 2,39,13,856 won
  • 15,000+ games played
Prabhat Mukherjea
Prabhat Mukherjea

Won most number of Poker Tournaments in India

  • Rs. 3,45,67, 877 won
  • 20,000+ games played
Pratibha Arya
Pratibha Arya

Top Indian female high stakes poker player

  • Rs. 1,67,77,789 won
  • 10,000+ games played
More than 83% of Big Stack learners reported a substantial boost in their win-rate & profits
  • Decode the master game-plan of winning consistently
  • Self-paced quizzes to track your progress
  • Get personalized feedback from world-class poker exploits
  • Avoid costly mistakes, get access to 20+ premium hand-history sessions
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