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When Indian poker champions will share their advanced poker theories and complex strategies, being a winner is just a step ahead. Sharpen your mental game, improve your reading skills, practice with fun quizzes to be the best every time you are at the poker table.

Lessons from top-rated Indian
Poker Players

Simple learning with easy charts and explanations

Fresh course updates

Advanced poker theories

Hand reading sessions and spotting poker tells

Practice with fun quizzes after every module

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What is Poker?



Legalities of Poker



What is NLHE and what are the rules?



Different Types of Poker



Where is poker played?



Important differences between cash games and tourneys

what Our Students say

Poker in India is like a struggle. I went through the same. With no classes and no opportunities, it has been tough. Big Stack, has been a platform for me to learn, play and improve.

Do I need to say that this course is killer? All amazing content. Best poker teaching platform. Totally recommendable.

This university gives you a chance to make your dream come true. I genuinely loved their concept of teaching. Unexpectedly impressive.

Totally amazed by the efforts. Their tutors have great knowledge and the teaching methods are super easy.

The preparation for winning tomorrow starts today!